What’s the WEEDO
model for success

WEEDO was founded, and is run by young women who come from the same place as the girls they work with.  In consequence the WEEDO programme programme provides the most practical training and skills that the girls can use the moment they graduate. 

The first priority is to ensure that the girls are fed and sleep somewhere safe, a contrast to what many will have experienced at home.  The trauma that many will have already experienced in their young lives put emotional support and social care at the heart of the WEEDO programme.  Trained social workers provide ongoing support throughout the programme.


Safe and Supported


Practical Education and Skills

The girls arriving at WEEDO have range of academic abilities but they share a lack of opportunity to receive further education and training.

WEEDO focuses on useful lessons that the girls can put to immediate use.  Improved Swahili and English will be essential for much of what follows their time on the programme.  Typing skills and practical clothing design and tailoring have led to girls working in secretarial positions and setting up their own home-based clothing businesses – each sufficient to support themselves and contribute to their families.

Understanding money is a learned skill and it is so much harder to make good financial decisions when you’ve had no experience of money.  The WEEDO finance and entrepreneurship lessons are tailored to the micro-economic environment where the girls find themselves. How and where to buy cloth.  How to price a garment. Why and how to open a bank account.  WEEDO practical training and skills ensure that girls can start doing it for themselves from day one.


Finances and Business Skills

“Our mission is to transform and empower girls in a sustainable way and to enable individuals to become independent through education and entrepreneurship."

Rehema Konza /CEO & Founder/