Outreach Program

The Outreach Program is a relevant initiative conducted by the WEEDO organization. It involves actively reaching out to external communities, groups, or individuals to engage with them, provide support, and raise awareness about specific causes or services offered by WEEDO.



The main purpose of the Outreach Program is to extend the organization’s impact beyond its immediate sphere and connect with a wider audience. This can involve various activities such as:

01. Family
strengthening program

Due to unfortunate circumstances in Tanzania, some families of a lower socio-economic status are forced to push their children into work or marriages in order to better support the family at the expense of their education and personal wellbeing. This family culture can place the financial responsibility of the family onto a child when they come into a financial position that is superior to that of the parents – not good. With many of the girls coming from backgrounds of this nature, this has occurred with previous attendees of the WEEDO Annual Program. Support and care are given to the attendees of WEEDO even after their graduation – partnerships with local organizations provide them with internships and other opportunities and sometimes employment within WEEDO is possible. Whilst empathising with the implication of these circumstances, this responsibility is not sustainable for these girls and therefore, a solution is required. WEEDO’s solution to this problem, that still aligns with the cultural setting of the organization, is to support the family where it can to help relieve this pressure from the attendees. In practice, this means providing families with the tools to financially improve their situation, no matter their circumstances. In Tanzania, there are endless opportunities for small-scale entrepreneurial ventures. WEEDO’s responsibility is not to provide financial support, but where the organization can help is to offer guidance when prospects seem bleak. Essentially, it’s the classic, “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime” saying. We can expect that when this strategy is implemented… In a nutshell: Future graduates will be better off. Following graduation, the girls should be working to set up their own lives and futures, and to provide for their own future families. Humans are naturally financially incentivized. When the girls can personally benefit from their labour, they are motivated to do and be better. Beyond this, if the stress of their families’ financial wellbeing is not clouding their mental capacity, they will have improved mental wellbeing.


02. Outo
schoral program

Due to the increasing need for education and skills for many girls and young women in the community, WEEDO has decided to expand its services through other organizations that are capable and offer skills that are not available. Our partnership with other organizations will expand the possibilities to other girls who will miss the chance at WEEDO just because of the cause choices

Songoro Marine Transport LTD. WEEDO and Songoro Marine Transport LTD are working to support more young girls to take opportunities in the Mechanical and electricity fields. Our partnership will widen the opportunities for young girls to learn about fabrication, welding, piping, Our vision 8 electrification, and painting from the company, and potentially the company is giving priority to young girls to have full employment. Currently, Songoro Marine is launching a training program on mechanics that will include part of the girls recommended by WEEDO.

Kampala International University-KIU (Tanzania branch). WEEDO and KIU will work together to transfer non-accredited courses specially designed to teach young girls relevant skills that will enable girls to perform their job more effectively, typically in a shorter period of time. Our partnership offers a range of benefits in helping young girls to achieve personal and career goals including. 1. Building more in-depth skills and knowledge on top of what the young girls may have already acquired through an accredited course. 2. Stay on top of industry advancements and adopt the latest skills to meet the growing demands of the employment market and create networking with other professionals in their field. WEEDO is focusing to support more young girls from outside annual programs to take the courses to increase the intervention of the organization in supporting more young girls to have access to skills and professionals.

Our Focus in Partnership

  1. WEEDO is forging partnerships with other organizations and companies to widen possibilities for young girls to have skills and employment to support their life and families.
  2. We are working with other organizations to expand our interventions and reach more young girls from different parts of Tanzania.
  3. Our partnership with other organizations and companies is bringing more recognition to the community and people understand the importance of supporting and empowering young girls for sustainability and economic development.