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In Tanzania, girls from poor backgrounds live exceptionally tough lives.  On leaving school families cannot afford further education. There there are very few earning opportunities for girls with no work skills. Without the ability to contribute financially to the family, or provide for their own very modest needs, these girls are incredibly vulnerable.

In even the most supportive families girls, can be forced into exploitative situations and relationships.  Parents earning less than $1 per day simply cannot provide for their older children even when they would like to. Incidences of physical and sexual abuse, teenage pregnancies and poor health outcomes are frequent and may be directly traced back to the girls’ lack of financial agency.  Sometimes a bad decision is made because it is the only choice available.

The reality is that the ability to earn even a few dollars each month can be transformative to these girls. Very modest sums allow the girls to make choices for themselves, whilst also contributing to the family finances, with all the benefits of safety and security that this can bring.

The purpose

Providing girls with basic life and job skills and opportunities is why WEEDO was created.  Girls are encouraged to work hard and learn news skills such as basic accountancy and tailoring.  This is provided in an environment where the girls wider needs and welfare can be supported – starting with enough food and a safe place to sleep. WEEDO has a track record of transforming the lives of the poorest girls and doing so cost effectively and sustainably. Girls leave WEEDO with skills sufficient to support themselves and make informed choices.

What we do

What’s the WEEDO model for success

WEEDO was founded, and is run by young women who come from the same place as the girls they work with.  In consequence the WEEDO programme programme provides the most practical training and skills that the girls can use the moment they graduate. 


Practical Education & Skills

The girls arriving at WEEDO have range of academic abilities but they share a lack of opportunity to receive further education and training.  WEEDO focuses on useful lessons that the girls can put to immediate use.  Improved Swahili and English will be essential for much of what follows their time on the programme.  Typing skills and practical clothing design and tailoring have led to girls working in secretarial positions and setting up their own home-based clothing businesses – each sufficient to support themselves and contribute to their families.


Safe and Supported

The first priority is to ensure that the girls are fed and sleep somewhere safe, a contrast to what many will have experienced at home.  The trauma that many will have already experienced in their young lives put emotional support and social care at the heart of the WEEDO programme.  Trained social workers provide ongoing support throughout the programme.

Finances & Business Skills

Understanding money is a learned skill and it is so much harder to make good financial decisions when you’ve had no experience of money.  The WEEDO finance and entrepreneurship lessons are tailored to the micro-economic environment where the girls find themselves. How and where to buy cloth.  How to price a garment. Why and how to open a bank account.  WEEDO practical training and skills ensure that girls can start doing it for themselves from day one.

Meet our leadership team

Rehema Konza
Executive Director & Founder

Rehema is a graduate of Mzumbe University where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in information and communication Technology with Business (2014). Subsequently she worked for a number of US Researchers, assisting them with community research projects.  She conducted her own research in Kigamboni which persuaded her to found WEEDO, to meet the unmet need of vulnerable young women, adolescents, and girls in the community.  Having lost both of her own parents by the age of 7, she believes the dedication and generosity of her aunt and siblings, to continue her education, was transformative – and she is committed to provided other vulnerable girls with similar support and safe spaces in which to continue learning. Rehema has recently graduated from the prestigious Swedish Institute, gaining a Diploma in Sustainable Business Practice and Leadership.

Project Manager
Warioba Nyaburere
Project Manager

He is a social activist and entrepreneur with four years’ experience in community development programs, educating and helping community especially young people in education to find their life purpose and carrier development. He believes that a better future is created by individuals who believe in today and take actions for the sake of next generation.

In his role as the Program Manager, Warioba supports the young women at WEEDO on their path of empowerment and future employment. Using his four years of experience in social activism and community development, he shapes the Annual Program to offer exciting opportunities that stimulate the girls’ ambition and catapult their career development.

Angel Mgonja
Financial Manager

More than 3 years of experience working with one of the big hotel resorts in Kigamboni as the front officer made it very easy to handle large activities. Angel handles the WEEDO finance management and bookkeeping with precision and proficiency. Qualified with both a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from Mzumbe University and a diploma in Accounting from the Tanzania Institute of Accountancy, Angel has the education and experience to excel in her role and inspire the girls interested in an academic pathway.

Procurement Manager
Salama Kondo
Procurement manager

I have a lot of experience in marketing and procurements for more than 15 years of working experience in this area. The efficient purchase and consumption of goods and services are managed by Salama within her role as the Procurement Manager at WEEDO. Her extensive local knowledge ensures the promotion of girls’ empowerment both economically and sustainably.

Tailor and Sewing instructor
Mwanaidi Joseph
Tailor & Sewing Instructor

Mwanaidi is the sewing and tailoring teacher. As a graduate from WEEDO herself in 2021, Mwanaidi is exposed to further opportunity to extend her tailoring professional in Institute of fashion and technology and modelling experience (such as Swahili Fashion Week). Hired for her exceptional sewing talent, intelligence, and personable nature, she has found employment in a place where she can develop her professional skills before following in a path of future business ownership.

Production officer
Fatuma Juma
Production officer

Fatuma joined WEEDO as a student when she was 18 years old. After graduation, she was offered a place of employment within WEEDO because of her speedy and precise sewing talent, her reliability and her work ethic. She is a production officer partially responsible for the efficient output of items available in the WEEDO shop.

Loma Kivuyo

Loma is WEEDO’s computer teacher with an IT qualification from the Kifaru Youth Institute of IT. He is a strong teacher because of his academic experience with IT and his passion to enrichen the girls computer skills for the next generation of digital leaders. The world is changing so teachers like Loma who enable the shift towards digital equity for girls are so important.

Social worker
Mwamvua Hatibu Kadyoshe
Social worker

Mwamvua is a WEEDO graduate of 2021 that has found employment within the organization as a para-social worker. Her experience as the head girl at her secondary and passion for girls’ education makes her a successful role model for the girls. Mwamvua inspires the girls to take opportunities and for parents to prioritise their children’s education with the goal of a reduction of poverty at the household level.

Fatuma Saidi
English teacher

Fatuma is the English teacher at WEEDO. She graduated from the Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy with a bachelor’s degree in education and history. Outside of her classes, she enjoys joining the girls with their rugby and environmental activity commitments. The attendee’s wellbeing is supported by Fatuma’s guidance and coaching to fulfill their goals.

Grace Masoud
Chef cooker-Grace

As the WEEDO chef, Grace is responsible for the daily nourishment of the girls and staff. Her humility, kindness and excellent teamwork makes her a perfect fit for the organizational culture. Both resourceful and efficient, Grace also influences the girls to possess the qualitative characteristics to conduct themselves appropriately within a workplace.

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