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With your help, we can provide girls with learning materials, equipment’s, safe space to learn and sleep, food and a small capital to start their own business when they finish one year program at WEEDO. Your help give us hope and to build a strong organization and give a new life to the girls to be able to stand for themselves.

Help us to build a world where every woman has to opportunity to be the best she can be.

Women Empowering and Entrepreneurship Development Organization (WEEDO)

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WEEDO – Women empowering and entrepreneurship development organization

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Safe House

Provide girls with a safe and comfortable setting away from abusive homes, including access to food and shelter.

Your Impact

Your contribution will enable adolescent girls and young women to live in safe environments free of violence and abuse


Fund our program designed to help our girls understand the business perspective, including being able to plan, market, and lead their ideas.

Why Health & Wellness

Support our health and wellbeing initiative to ensure girls access hygiene products, sanitary pads, and other basic human necessities.

Your Impact

Your support for our Health and Wellness project directly contributes to enhancing the physical and emotional well-being of the girls at WEEDO, allowing them to focus on their education and a brighter future.

What the money is going towards

  • New to Gently Used Laptops
  • Printer with a scanner
  • Projector
  • DSLR Camera

Why ‘Transform our Project Digitally’

As the world becomes more interconnected and reliant on technology, Tanzanian businesses, and organizations are recognizing the importance of incorporating technology into their operations, which, in turn, is reshaping the landscape of entry-level employment in the country. While this trend is creating new opportunities for the workforce, it also underscores the need for continuous learning and upskilling to adapt to the evolving job market. WEEDO has 10 partially functioning laptops that our girls use. Whether it’s keys that don’t work or screens with limited visibility, our computer teachers are limited in the progress they can make in the classroom.

Your Impact

Although the computers we currently have are unreliable, the WEEDO girls have been eager to learn and are beginning to dream of the possibilities digital literacy can present to them professionally. With your help, we hope to purchase laptops for our classrooms, as well as other technology materials to further grow our NGO.

Why Sewing Supplies

Many of the girls who come to WEEDO discover a passion for expressing their femininity through fashion and design. Over 40% of our girls are placed in jobs in the textile industry. We currently teach them how to sew by mainly using Butterfly machines. Unfortunately, these are not the machines used in industry. With this fundraiser, we hope to buy more relevant tools that will help set up the WEEDO girls for success.

Your Impact

By adding more industrial sewing machines, our girls will develop the right skill set more efficiently and gain confidence for starting their full-time jobs. Furthermore, access to more sewing supplies will allow our girls the flexibility to design and create various products for them to sell in the local community. Lastly, providing a plethora of resources will empower the girls to apply business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills taught in our other courses.

What the money is going towards

  • Industrial sewing machine

Why Classroom Supplies

Access to quality education is essential in empowering the girls at WEEDO to build a brighter future. However, providing them with a comprehensive education requires access to proper classroom supplies, which can be a significant challenge. Our teachers and volunteers are faced with the challenge of teaching with minimal access to whiteboards, exercise books, and markers. Additionally, our girls lack materials for effective notetaking (pencils, pens, highlighters, notebooks), which can drastically slow down their learning progress.

Your Impact

By contributing to our Classroom Supplies initiative, you are helping ensure that these young women receive the educational resources they need to develop their skills, knowledge, and self-confidence. Your support will directly impact their ability to thrive academically and, in turn, build a more independent and secure future. Together, we can bridge the educational resource gap and empower our WEEDO girls!