The WEEDO Annual Program is designed to send the attendees on a path of future independence and empowerment by supporting the five elements of wellbeing: physical, financial, career, social and community wellbeing.  Sports is a recent, but key part of the Program for its deliverance of physical wellbeing and for its promotion of the other elements.

WEEDO is committed to the ensuring the girls in the program excel in all areas of life, not just academia or employment. That’s why Health and Life Skills are other subjects taught at WEEDO viewed with a high-level importance. 

Physical exercise is crucial for youth development and bodily function. With girls ranging in age from 14 to 22, the promotion of growth at every stage of youth development is so important!

Furthermore, regular engagement with physical exercise keeps the mind sharp and ready for mental stimulation – increasing their productivity in the rest of the program.


The introduction of rugby to the program presented the girls with an opportunity to represent Tanzania for a rugby tournament IF they are successful. However, there were huge benefits to this endeavour despite the outcome:

  • Support of all elements of wellbeing
  • Teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication to a goal once a commitment is made.
  • An opportunity that many of them never dreamed could be a reality was presented to them. For girls raised in environments with challenging upbringings where limitations are placed on their dreams and futures despite their capabilities, this is unparalleled.
  • They learned that girls really can do anything – if they work hard and take opportunities as they come.

Since the addition of sports to the Annual Program, there has been a considerable increase in the level of participation of the girls in their academic classes. This result has been encouraging and we welcome an expansion to other types of sports: In 2024, basketball and football are expected to be added so that there is choice according to the attendees’ preferences.


Yoga and meditation are greatly beneficial to the young girls because it allows them to understand their bodies through mind muscle connection as well as improve their health and wellbeing. Yoga and meditation increase confidence, mental clarity, and control over oneself. Yoga is an impactful form of exercise that concentrates on breathwork, flexibility and strength. Yoga can also be practiced in any environment which provides the young women with a choice to move their bodies no matter where they are. Meditation is a practice that allows the girls to find harmony and understand themselves better. Through mediation one can gain focus, insight and peace within their mind and body. Participating in both yoga and meditation will increase the young women’s performance and school and provide them with the skills to excel in life.