July 4, 2023

FUNDRAISING :Support the educations of underprivileged girls in Tanzania!

WEEDO – Women Empowering and Entrepreneurship Development Organization is a non-profit organization in Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam; founded in 2019. We provide education and skills training, including sewing, computing, counselling, health and hygiene and entrepreneurship, for local adolescent girls and young women who have very limited educational opportunities and come from very poor and difficult environments. We target girl and young women from the poorest backgrounds aged 13-23 because this is the population most at risk from child marriage, sexual abuse, early pregnancy, maternal mortality and HIV/AIDS.The underlying cause of these outcomes is a lack of financial independence sufficient to enable the girls to make decisions for themselves. Achieving success requires the girls to have a safe place to live and to learn the skills they need to get them into work or further training.

Our rigorous selection process enables us to identify those girls with the greatest need but also the greatest desire to effect change in their own lives, evidenced by a willingness to sign up to the full WEEDO training programme and its objectives.

The intention is to provide these girls and young women with education, including on health, and vocational training to acquire entrepreneurship skills and knowledge. The aim is to provide the girls with genuine choice and agency in their own lives. As such we focus on creating platforms for experiential learning and mentorship and assist with the transition into further education, training or vocational opportunities. Of the 64 girls who completed the one-year programme in 2021 and 2022; 36% are now working in paid employment in sectors such as tailoring, secretarial, kindergarten and as para-social worker or money transactions agents (i.e. selling mobile-phone airtime) and; 40% are in the field-based learning practice (internships with companies). The unemployment amongst this cohort of young women, without intervention, is close to 100%, which is what drives the young women into inappropriate relationships and abusive situations.


The introduction of rugby to the program presented the girls with an opportunity to represent Tanzania for a rugby tournament IF they were successful. Despite their best efforts, they were unsuccessful for the first match. However, there were huge benefits to this endeavour despite the outcome:

– Support of all elements of wellbeing

– Teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication to a goal once a commitment is made

– An opportunity that many of them never dreamed could be a reality was presented

to them. For girls raised in environments with challenging upbringings where limitations are placed on their dreams and futures despite their capabilities, this is unparalleled.

– They learned that girls really could do anything – if they work hard and take opportunities as they come.

Since the addition of sports to the Annual Program, there has been a considerable increase in the level of participation of the girls in their academic classes. This result has been encouraging and we welcome an expansion to other types of sports: In 2024, basketball and football is expected to be added so that there is choice according to the attendees’ preferences.

To create more opportunities to these girls, we need your support on sport and technology equipment’s such as balls, tackling bags, shoes, jersey, computers.

Every penny counts.

Donation link: https://goget.fund/44Tabfi

or you can go direct to our donation page. and click on Gofundme






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July 4, 2023


July 4, 2023

FUNDRAISING :Support the educations of underprivileged girls in Tanzania!

July 4, 2023